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An Interview With...Sari Feldman

How did you get started in theater?
I started taking dance lessons at the young age of 3 -- quit after 3 years, then went back at the age of 9, (after I saw my first Broadway show).

What hooked you? Was it your first school play-movie-first time seeing a Broadway Show?  What inspired you to be where you are today?
I grew up watching the movie "A Chorus Line."  I knew every word, every song, every dance!! That, and when I saw my first Broadway show CATS.  I knew you couldn't become a CAT until you learned how to dance. That's when I started taking lessons again. 

What was the first play you ever saw?  Ever performed in?
First play I saw - CATS.
First play I performed in (excluding years of dance recitals) - FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (My ninth grade high school production).

Did you study acting?  If not, how did you get into it?
No. My first "acting" experience was at Theatre Three, in one of their educational touring shows, at the same time performing in my first Children's Theatre show.  It scared me to death!  But, I loved it and learned so much!


What was your first audition?
My first audition was for the role of Dream Laurie in my 11th grade high school production of Oklahoma.  (previous to that, I always just signed up for the musicals --I was a chicken)!  But, I got the part!

How do you choose what play you will audition for?  The piece itself, the director, theater, were you pre-cast, etc.
It depends ... I've gone to auditions in the city just because I was available that day, and just figured "it's worth a shot."  But, here on Long Island, it usually depends on the theatre, the director, the choreographer, etc...

Speaking of pre-casting, tell us how you really feel about the subject.
I understand it. 

What types of parts do you normally play?  Do you feel typecast?
It's a running joke now -- In Mainstage shows, many of the crossovers and/or non-dancing scenes I do, most of the time I'm a Streetwalker.  LOL  

Looking back on the roles you've been cast in, do you think there's a certain kind of role you get cast in repeatedly?  When directors look at a certain role, what do you think they see as a "Sari Feldman" type?
Hopefully, THE DANCER!


Having had very limited "acting" experience I won't waste your time by trying to make up fancy answers to these questions!!!  :-)


How do you feel when you perform?
Overwhelmed, Excited, Invigorated.  (usually in that order).

What motivates you to keep on doing what you're doing?
During opening night jitters each one of us has said, "Why do I do this to myself?" 
Why do you do it?
I still haven't figured that one out yet.  But, it must go back to the word Passion, the love I have for Dance and for performing.


What is your favorite theater story?
That's a tough one....Every show I do has some kind of wonderful story (stories) attached to it.

Did you ever miss an entrance, drop enough lines for it to be noticeable, crack up on stage?
Unfortunately, I have had a "crack-up" or two.


Why do you perform at the theaters you do?
Because of the professionalism of the director, choreographer, musical director, every cast I've had the pleasure of being a part of, and in the end the, phenomenal production that comes from everyone's hard work.   

Do you think regional theater will continue to grow on L.I.?
I hope so!

Who are some of the actors you've most admired or who have been particularly rewarding to work with?
I am in awe of everyone who is able to do, what they do.  For instance, Miss Jean Sorbera and Jeffrey Sanzel, watching them do their thing, is how I learn to do my thing.

Who is your favorite performer? favorite L.I. performer?
Favorite performers - Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Betty Buckley (I know they're non-dancers, I can't explain it either.)
Favorite L.I. performer - Phyllis March, Frank Russo, Renee Santos


How do you maintain your career and do theater?
It just takes a little juggling of the schedule, that's all.  (oooh...I wish it were as easy as I just made it sound).

Why do you spend so much time toiling in L.I. Theater?
Because I love the people I meet and the friends I've made with every new show. 

Do you find that your family supports your love of theater? 
Yes...(when there's money involved).

How has performing enriched your life?
Performing is my life, (as nerve racking as it makes me), It's all there is.


What brings you the greatest joy? 

What really irks you? 

If you won LOTTO tomorrow you would.
oooohh...I would quit my job teaching and just concentrate on my own dancing!!! 

Is it true that you'd really rather be rich than good looking?
Can I be both!?!?!?  Maybe!?!  Please!!!

What's your favorite word? 

Assuming that there is a heaven, what do you want to hear when you get there?
The choreographer needs you ASAP!!!!


Do you have any projects on the horizon that you want the readers to be aware of?
Just keep checking out Theatre Three, I'll be there sometime, "Someday...Somewhere..."



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